Retro Infinity


Retro Infinity is a micro sized box ready to run any games from atari 2600 to Playstation 1.  Pre built ready to be loaded and enjoyed this system runs off the free retropie system with all its setting already tweaked to get you in the game faster.

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Product Description

So we all have seen these DIY projects to create your own retro console. but do you understand how to get one fully set up, do you have the time? The problem with these DIY guides is the guides are scattered they take time and support is generally forum based.

So what is for sale here well to start the hardware 100% tested, assembled, and working when shipped.  The leg work and annoying programming to make sure everything is running smooth, so you have no install work to worry about.  Not to mention a compiled user guide to help you with any trouble, peripherals or loading other software.

So what aren’t you buying the software for starters is freeware.  You won’t receive any roms with this system it is up to you to load your own games. It is your responsibility to load your legally obtained roms although instructions will be provided to get them to the system.



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